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Power Tools

Electric Drill
Electric Blower
Cutting Machine
Flap Discs
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Electric Planer
Rotary Hammer
Cordless Drill
Jig Saw
Bench Grinder
Drill Press Machine
Cutting Discs
Demolition Hammer
Angle / Die Grinder
Circular Saw
Cut-off Machine
Flap Wheel
Grinding Discs

Buy Power Tools from Goodwill Machine


Goodwill Machine Group supplies a wide range of durable and high quality power tools including electric drill, rotary hammer, demolition hammer, screwdriver, angle/ die grinder, jig saw, circular saw, bench grinder and more. We also supply cutting and grinding consumables such as flap wheel, flap disc, cutting wheel and cutting discs. For your peace of mind, we offer free lifetime service for our power tools as a testament to our product quality.  All our products are manufactured from ISO9001 certified factory.

Electric drill and screwdriver


Our KOVET electric drills and cordless drills are handy tools for drilling small holes. They have great power to weight ratio with an ergonomic design. Our CE certified KOVET cordless drills are easy to maneuver, powered by lithium-ion batteries. We also offer electric screwdrivers which is light weight and easy to carry.

Angle Grinder and Die Grinder


We offer a range of angle grinder for grinding discs from 100mm to 180mm. These tools have maximum power to weight ratio and superior tool balance. They have ergonomic handle design, minimizing the vibration during operation. Our 180mm KV-18003 model for heavy duty usage is also CE certified. For best performance, use our KOVET grinding discs to with these angle grinders. We also offer KOVET die grinder commonly used for shaping and polishing the insides of cylindrical objects, piping and joints.

Jig Saw and Circular Saw

KOVET jig saws are used for cutting wood and thin steel. It has a protective shield to reduce wooden piece projectile. They are designed with minimal vibration and are easy to control. Our circular saw provide good cut line visibility. It is also quick and easy to adjust.

Bench grinder


Our KOVET bench grinders are quality tools for grinding, drilling, sharpening, shaping and forming metals. They come with side eye guards for operator safety. We have a range of models available for different sized grinding wheel from 125mm to 250mm.

In addition to the products above, our electric blowers, cutting machine and drill press machines are also a popular choice for all types of users in a wide range of industries.

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