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Precision Measuring Instruments

Digital Multimeter
Vernier & Digital Caliper

Precision Measuring Instruments

Goodwill Machine has been supplying superior welding equipment in Thailand to welders in the
mining, shipbuilding, building construction, engineering, and automotive industries for more than 33

We are dedicated to ensuring the level of precision and perfection you deserve and products that
can help you reach that level. We offer digital thermometers, multimeters, and calipers as well as

Infrared Thermometers


Our digital infrared thermometers can be used to measure quickly and accurately from a distance – they are suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications due to their portability, longevity, and precision. 

Digital Multimeter

Our range of Digital Multimeters ranges from use in small shops to those in large-scale industrial electricians, no matter what scale you work at, we will have a suitable device for your electrical needs.  They can be used to measure voltage, AC/DC, currents (A).  With LCDs and easy-to-use interfaces. 

Digital Clamp Meters

Our Digital Clamp Meters are a great choice for measuring residential and commercial power wires, a perfect choice for car service workshops or other places with difficult environmental conditions.

Vernier Caliper

KOVET Vernier’s are used to measure length and thickness, with precision and accuracy They can be used for general purposes on the shop floor as well as for quality control purposes. 

Digital Caliper

KOVET Digital Caliper with a digital screen for easy reading and interpretation of results makes measuring easy and quick to do.  Ideal for small measurements, giving accurate results to the nearest 0.01mm.   

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