Flap Disc (hard back)

•   Flap Disc or kovet sand cloth. Suitable for grinding steel or stainless steel.

•   Available with both after-hardening type for smooth surface finishing. And soft back for polishing into nooks / corners

•   Can be used for a lot of scrubbing Choose the resolution according to numbers. Suitable for each type of work piece

KOVET | Flap Disc (hard back)

  • Product Size (mm.) No Maximum No Load  Packaging Packaging
    Code     Speed (pcs/box) (pcs/carton)
    ABA28-040   40      
    ABA28-060   60      
    ABA28-080   80      
    ABA28-100 100 x 16 100 13,700 rpm 100 200
    ABA28-120   120      
    ABA28-180   180      
    ABA28-240   240      
    ABA28-320   320      

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