• This welding machine is part of the new Inverter Digital MMA160GDM/200GDM series.
  • It uses “SINGLE PC BOARD” technology with 32 bit high speed processors to control welding characteristics.
  • It contains built-in Micro Chip which can be upgraded to improve the machine welding performance.
  • LED Display shows the default current.
  • Intelligent Fan control reduces noise and dust inside the machine.
  • Auto-Adaptive Arc Force minimizes electrode sticking in the puddle without compromising arc stability or decreased spatter.
  • Automatic Hot Start boosts the current during starting to make striking and arc easier.
  • Users can choose between non-pulse and pulse mode to adapt to your welding needs.

Inverter DC Stick MMA (TIG) Welding Machine ABS 200GDM

  • Product Code


    Rate Primary Voltage (V)

    AC220V (1 phase),

    +/-15%, 50/60Hz

    Rate Primary Input (KVA)

    MMA:  9.6, TIG:  6.2

    Output Current Range (A)

    MMA:  40 – 200, TIG:  20 – 200

    Output Voltage (V)

    MMA:  21.6 – 28.0, TIG:  10.8 – 18.0

    Rate duty cycle at 25% (%)

    MMA:  200A 28.0V, TIG:  200A  18.0V

    Rate duty cycle at 100%  (%)

    MMA:  120A 24.8V, TIG:  140A  15.6V

    Max No-Load Voltage / OCV (V)


    No-Load Loss (W)


    Efficiency at MAX Current (%)


    Power Factor at MAX Current


    Insulation grade


    Housing protection grade


    Rod diameter (mm)

    2.0 – 3.2

    Welding thickness (mm)

    2.0 – 6.0

    Weight (kg)


    Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)

    315 x 145 x 250

  • This product is supplied with a full accessory kit including:

    • Earth clamp + cable
    • Electrode holder + cable

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