To ensure the safety of the user, welders should use protection gloves and clothing.These clothing protects the skin from heat and welding rays.


Warning: The user must understand the type of work and select the correct type of gloves such as radiant generated by source of fire or sunlight, surrounding temperature and conductivity of workpiece and if whether you will have direct contact with hot surface.

Leather Gloves GL01-011 (Long) GL01-012 (Short)

SKU: GL01-011
    • Heavy duty welding glove welted in high stress areas
    • Gunn pattern chrome yellow to assure softness and durability while resisting heat, sparks, slag, and cuts
    • 5 inch split high bell cuff with seamless hem
    • Large size fits most hand size
    • Good welding and all general purpose applications requiring heat flame or spark protection
  • Product Code







    Long double layer

    Short double layer


    1 dozen

    1 dozen

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