• Portable for use in the garages, automotive repair shops, frame repair shops, road construction work.
  • Included hydraulic hand pumps, pipe work and threads for high speed and good strength.
  • Each component can be quickly assembled to meet lifting, pushing, pulling, spreading and straightening needs.
  • There is safety overload system to prevent damage to the ram or cylinder.

Portable Hydraulic Equipment (10 Tons) KV-71001L

SKU: T03-T71001L
  • The set includes:

    • hand pump
    • hose
    • cylinder ram
    • spreader ram
    • rubber head
    • rubber faced
    • flat base
    • 90° V-base
    • serrated saddle
    • male thread adapter
    • assorted extension tubes
  • Product Code


    Capacity (tonnes)


    Min Ram Height (mm)


    Ram Lifting Height (mm)


    Dimension (mm)

    1030 x 500 x 215

    Weight (kg)


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