The dye penetrant inspection material consisting of three liquids; penetrant, remover and developer, detects minute flaws open to material surfaces. TASETO COLOR CHECK provides simple and reliable inspections and maintenance of various products and machines.


Applicable materials

* Ferrous materials : Mild steels, high tensile steels, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, various other alloys.

* Non-ferrous materials : Ceramics, glass, synthetic resins.

TASETO Color Check

    • Applicable to all material grades, except for porous materials. Flaws open to material surface can be detected.
    • Flaws are magnified and indicated clearly in red on white developer films.
    • Easy to use
    • suitable for quick inspections.
    • No special equipment is required.
    • Flaw detectability is high, bringing about highly reliable results.
    • Pre cleaning: Remove oil, grease and dirt off the test surface with the remover to let flaws open, and then dry the surface well.
    • Penetration: Apply the dye penetrant over the test surface. Normal dwelling time is the range of 5 to 20 minutes. If the test is performed under cold temperatures, increase the dwelling time.
    • Cleaning: Wipe off superficial dye penentrant with a waste soaked with the remover. If you used the water washable penetrant, spray shower water.
    • Developing: Apply a thin coat of the well agitated developer to the test surface. Normal developing time is 7 to 30 minutes. Inspection Evaluate flaw indication after the developer has dried.

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