• KOVET-H222F is a low fuming bronze filler metal for brazing of ferrous and non-ferrous allows such as steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys and stainless steel.
  • It is designed as a strong, hard brass-welding rod with coated flux.
  • It can be used for gap brazing for galvanized steel tubes. It is recommended for repair work on steel, cast iron and other copper base alloys
  • The good fuming qualities and mechanical properties give low fuming bronze a widely used general-purpose rod.
  • Melting point of 865-890˚C.

Welding Rod (for low fuming bronze-coated) H222F

  • Chemical Composition

    Composition Weight (%)
    Cu 56.0-60.0
    Fe 0.25-1.20
    Sn 0.80-1.10
    Si 0.04-0.15
    Mn 0.01-0.50
    Zn Bal.


    Typical Mechanical Properties

    Tensile Strength
    Elongation / 5d (%) Melting range (°C) Density (kg/dm3)
    380-420 25 865-890 8.4


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