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Welding & Cutting Accessories

Electrode Holder
Cutting Nozzles
Brass T-3 Ways Hose Connector with 2 Val
Hose Connector
Nut & Stem
Earth Clamp & Ground Clamp
Nozzle Cleaning Needle
Cylinder Valve
 Soapstone Chalk
Reverse Flow Check Valve
Worm Drive Hose Clip-700x500_edited.png
Worm Drive Hose Clip
Welding Cable Lug-700x500_edited.png
Welding Cable Lug

Goodwill Machine supplier of welding and cutting accessories in Thailand


Goodwill Machine Group supplies welding and cutting accessories to accompany your equipment. We have served our customers for over 33 years as your one-stop shop to your welding needs. Our welding and cutting accessories include electrode holder; earth clamp; reverse flow check valve; cutting nozzles & nozzle cleaning needle; worm drive hose clip; cylinder valve; nut and stem; and soapstone chalk. Below are a list of our best selling welding and cutting accessories.

Earth Clamp and Ground Clamp

Our KOVET, Alibaba and Magic Lamp electrode holders are used for MMA (Stick) welding. The ceramic tip insulates electricity whilst the jaws provide high conductivity with quality copper alloy. They also provide a strong grip to ensure safety of the welder.

Cutting Nozzles and Nozzle Cleaning Needle

Our KOVET cutting nozzles are long-lasting and durable. We have different sizes of nozzles for different models of KOVET cutting torch including KV7505, KV7507, and 62-3F. We also have cutting nozzles for portable cutting machine KV12 Liger and profiling cutting machine KV2-150 PNME model as well as cutting different material thickness. You can also find economical KOVET welding/ cutting nozzle cleaning needles which can be used to restore nozzle performance.

ORBIT Worm Drive Hose Clip

These high quality ORBIT worm drive hose clips are commonly used to secure gas cylinders and tying cables and hoses. They are available in various sizes and are made of iron and corrosion resistant SS304 stainless steel.

For more information on our accessories, browse through our products or contact us at / 02 476 0028

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