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Goodwill Machine supplies welding equipment in Thailand


Goodwill Machine has been supplying superior welding equipment in Thailand to welders in the mining, shipbuilding, building construction, engineering and automotive industries for more than 33 years. We offer pressure regulators, welding/ cutting torches, heating torches, oxygen & fuel gas cylinders under the brand of KOVET and Alibaba. 
Through our sales and marketing teams, we successfully expanded our product lines and our territory to include neighboring countries as Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam, along with other countries around the world. 

Please browse through our wide range of welding and cutting equipment in Thailand below.

Pressure Regulators

Our KOVET, Alibaba and Magic Lamp pressure regulators are designed to regulate the flow of gas to pneumatic tools and pressure hoses used in welding, brazing and cutting applications. They offer a single-stage mechanism that features a forged brass body capable of withstanding high-pressure, with a hard chrome front cover.  The gauge dials offer precise measurements in bar, psi and kPa.

We offer a variety of oxygen regulators that are used to regulate gas pressure from a pressure cylinder of between 0 and 3,500 psi. They are suitable for lab and industrial applications that use a single-stage controller. Featuring a forged brass body with a hard chrome cover, they offer an easy-to-read dial that offers readings in bar, psi and kPa. 

Our KOVET nitrogen regulator is specifically designed to regulate gas pressure from a nitrogen cylinder or tank. They offer single-stage pressure control and are forged out of brass with a hard chrome covering. They offer both inlet and outlet dials that measure the flow in kg/cm2 and lb/in2 for easy adjustment of the pressure and gas flow. 

Flow Meter Regulators

Our CO2 Flow meter regulators can be used to regulate the pressure from a carbon dioxide pressure tank of between 0 to 3,500 psi. They are suitable for GMAW welding and industrial applications. They feature a forged-brass housing with a hard chrome cover, and the large gauge offers readings in kg/cm2 and lb/in2 allowing precise adjustment.


The KOVET and Alibaba argon flow meter regulator is used to regulate the pressure flow from an Argon gas cylinder or tank of anywhere from 0 to 3,500 psi. They are commonly used in GTAW welding and industrial applications. They offer a forged brass mechanism with a hard chrome covering. The easy-to-read dial offers measurements in both kg/cm2 and lb/in2.

Pressure Gauge

Our easy-to-use pressure gauges can be fitted onto most pressure regulators from the bottom ¼ NPT male connector. They provide you with precise measurements of the pressure or liquid and gases including carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, LPG and NGV. They are constructed of chrome-plated brass and offer large dials for easy monitoring.

Welding/Cutting Torches

We offer a range of welding and cutting torches designed for medium to heavy-duty use in the welding industry. These torches offer an easily-adjustable gas flow knob and brass construction. They are suitable for welding thicknesses up to 4 mm for steel. They also come complete with welding nozzles and nuts and threads for connection to gas hoses.

Heating Torch

Our heating torch is used for brazing, annealing and manipulating the shape of plates, panels, bars and pipes in welding. It is also suitable for preheating materials to be welded, or thawing jobs, asphalt work or most industrial uses. It is designed to be used with oxy-propane or oxy-natural gas. It comes with a 3 meter LPG gas hose, a connector for an LPG cylinder and an assortment of nozzles.

Flashback Arrestor

A flashback arrestor is a vital, but simple piece of safety equipment that prevents the flame on welding and cutting torches from burning back into the oxy-fuel welding or cutting equipment and causing an explosion or damage. Our high quality flashback arrestors are made of solid brass.

Ignition Gun

Our igniter gun can be used to light oxy-fuel welding and cutting torches or used around the house for any heater or stove ignition needs. The gun comes with a friction-based lighter that saves on fuel costs.

Caddy Weld-cut Outfit

Our caddy comes in two models, LPG and AC. They both offer convenience in light to medium duty welding, brazing, cutting, or soldering applications. They can be used in any industrial application, but they’re also suitable for home and hobby use. The two tanks can be refilled at most welding supply outlets.

Oxygen and Fuel Cylinders

We have a range of gas and fuel cylinders in a wide variety of sizes. Each batch of cylinders undergoes a strict quality control process, and each batch is thoroughly tested for strength and durability. The test includes an elevated temperature test, wall thickness measurement, thread inspection, pneumatic test, and shot blasting test.

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