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Dust & Chemical Cartridges KV-203

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  • Used in conjunction with a dust mask.
  • Anti-toxic, Solvents, paint, ink, glues, lacquers, thinners,
    wood preservatives, epoxy resins, and polyester.
  • Automotive,Boa Building, Aircraft manufacture : Cleaning or using
    organic solvents,degreasing.
  • Agriculture : Mixing pesticide, herbicide or fungicide
    or spraying organic vapours.
  • Maintenance : Disinfection, Cleaning.


Instructions for use 


  • The type of chemical in the workplace must be fully inspected and the hazardous
    substance category is clearly identified.

  • Evaluate the concentration of the substance. Always give the estimable
    tendency to the highest concentration.

  • Choose respiratory protection and filters that are suitable for the job.

  • The wearer must fit this mask properly. use it the right way Maintained and maintained
    according to RPE, which will allow the mask to be able to provide full protection
    against toxic substances.

Dust & Chemical Cartridges KV-203
Dust & Chemical Cartridges KV-203 Dust & Chemical Cartridges KV-203
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Brands KOVET
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