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Industrial Hoses & Cables

Twin Line Welding Hose
Gasohol Fuel Hose (E20_E85 Series).jpg
Fuel Hose
PVC Transparent Reinforced Hose edited.j
PVC Transparent Reinforced Hose
Battery CableCopper no. 0.30 mm-700x500_
Battery cable
Single Line Welding Hose
CNG_LPG Gas Hose_edited.jpg
LPG / CNG Gas Hose
Spray Hose-700x500_edited.jpg
Spray Hose
PVC Welding Cable (Copper Strand).jpg
PVC/Rubber Welding Cable
PVC Twin-700x500_edited_edited.jpg
PVC Welding Hose
Polyurethane Tube w_fitting set_edited.j
Polyurethane Tube & Cord
Battery Booster Cable_edited.png
Battery Booster Cable
Oil Delivery Hose-700x500_edited.png
Automotive Hose

Welding Cables and Industrial Gas Hoses in Thailand


Goodwill Machine Co, Ltd distributes a wide range of welding hoses and cables and pneumatic air hoses that are used in all types of welding applications. They are also used in the construction industry to supply air-power to pneumatic tools, and gas and oil to the car manufacturing industry. Our PVC welding cables and industrial gas hoses in Thailand are of the highest quality to provide value in the length of service they offer. All our welding cables and gas hoses are manufactured from ISO 9001 certified factory within our Group. 

We offer expanded sales channels covering Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam as well as other parts of the world besides our base in Thailand. By offering our quality products for sale in these countries as well our after-sales service team, we provide knowledge on maintaining the products we sell as well tips and advice on their usage.

PVC Welding Cable


Goodwill Machine Limited offers welding cable that provides the greatest safety to welders operating under the harshest conditions. Proving a working temperature range of between -25°C to +80° C, these single line cables transmit high volumes of current from the electric welding machine to the welding electrodes and welding clamps.

They are designed to stand up to the rigors of the building construction, ship construction, and car-manufacturing industries as well as general maintenance work.

Industrial Oil Hose in Thailand

We manufacture a hose specifically for the delivery of oil, water and chemical drainage. This model of quality hose is primarily used by factories and automotive industries to discharge water, oil and chemicals.

The hose is made of fabric-wrapped synthetic, black rubber that offers excellent weather and ozone resistance. With a working temperature range of between -25° C to +80° C, this is an all-weather hose that stands up to the extreme temperatures of factories.

Thailand Fuel Hose


Our Thailand-manufactured fuel hose is designed for low-pressure use in the automotive industry. It’s made of an oil-resistant, compounded synthetic rubber blend that is designed to offer a reliable conduit for all types of fuel in all types of weather.

This fuel hose is capable of handling leaded and unleaded gasoline as well as diesel fuel. It’s also suitable for serving as oil lines and lubricant lines. It’s engineered for constant contact with all types of petrol and petroleum products on both the exterior and interior of the hose. 


We also manufacture a gasohol fuel and oil hose that is effective in delivering gasoline, gasohol 91, 95, E20, E85 and biodiesel fuels at low-pressure.

Thailand industrial gas hose - LPG/CNG 

With so many vehicles on the road today in Thailand being powered by LPG and CNG gas, there is an ongoing need for safe and reliable LPG/CNG gas hose in the automotive construction industry. Our Thailand industrial gas hose is constructed from reinforced rubber which makes it compatible with high-pressure applications.

Twin Line Welding Hose

Twin line welding hoses are used in the shipbuilding, construction, automotive manufacturing and mining industries to provide the two gases required in cutting applications, oxygen and acetylene. The connected lines safeguard against tangles and snarls on the job site, and the double-braided reinforcement offers the ability to withstand heavy-duty use.

Single Line Welding Hose


These rugged and double-braided reinforced hoses are used in the welding industry to deliver gases used in welding applications. Their abilities to provide high-pressure stability also make them perfectly suited for use with pneumatic tools, such as spray guns, compressors and demolition hammers. They’re offered in a 100-meter reel and in a variety of diameters to suit almost all applications.  

Polyurethane Tube and Cord

Our polyurethane tubing comes with high-pressure connectors which makes it suitable for most pneumatic and hydraulic applications. The polyurethane polymers add a high-tensile strength making the tubing rugged and durable for heavy-duty use. The tubing exhibits maximum kink resistance and minimal kink memory.

PVC Transparent Reinforced Hose

PVC transparent reinforced hose is the ideal solution for fluid system applications that require quick and easy detection of blockages. Made from crystal-clear PVC with high-tensile strength synthetic yarn, the hose is light-weight and resistant to a wide variety of chemicals.

Spray Hose

The Kovet spray hose is designed for spraying of fertilizers, pesticides, air, oil and water, as well as a large variety of chemicals and solvents. The materials used in the manufacture of this hose provides high weather and chemical resistance, along with being extremely light-weight. The hose is both flexible and durable under heavy-duty use. 

Battery Booster Cables

Always be prepared when car trouble occurs with these battery booster cables. The cables are rubber-insulated to provide durability; they contain a 100% multi-strand copper conductor core. We offer three different sizes to suit every moderate to heavy-duty application. They also feature copper-coated steel clamps with impact-resistant handles. The color-coded markings provide easy identification between positive and negative terminals.

Battery Cable

Our heavy-duty battery cable is widely used in the automotive industry for use with automotive starters and battery grounds. Highly resistant to abrasion, wear, heat and aging, this cable provides a solid and durable connection to batteries. Containing a 100%, multi-strand copper core, this battery cable will provide years of reliable service.

Automotive Hose

Our automotive oil delivery hose is used in the automotive industry to provide a low-pressure delivery of oil, water to engines. It's also used in factories and refineries to provide a low-pressure conduit for discharging water and chemicals. Made of black synthetic rubber, this smooth and fabric-wrapped hose also offers excellent resistance to ozone and general weather conditions.

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