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Pneumatic and Hardware Tools

Spray Gun
Air Duster Gun
Air Oil Filter 
Garage Air Tool kit
Tyre Inflating Gun
Adjustable Wrench
Hand Grease Gun
Body Washing Gun

Goodwill Machine supplies pnuematic and hardware equipment in Thailand


Kovet is a source of high quality pneumatic equipment and hardware tools for all kinds of mechanical work, a distributor of various pneumatic and hardware tools with a long history and experience in the hand tool industry that has been trusted and valued by their customers.  

Kovet's product list under Goodwill Machine include high pressure spray guns, garage tool kits for car repairs, grease guns, air duster guns, tyre inflating guns and body washing guns - all suitable for the automotive repair and maintenance industry.  The flexibility and range of uses with our equipment and industry leading quality, as well as maintenance & support Kovet provides, means Kovet is one of the top choices for mechanics across Thailand.  

Goodwill Machine and Kovet - supporting Thailand's Automotive Industry since 1987.

A description of our wide range of pneumatic and hardware equipment can be found below.

Spray Guns

Kovet covers a wide range of spray guns, suitable for all needs due to their versatility, available in both high and low pressures which lead to less wasted material.  A popular product amongst mechanics in Thailand due to its high quality which ensures increased distribution of spray and adjustable spray speeds lead to beautiful end results.  Kovet's spray guns are used by professionals and DIY due to them being easy to use, affordable and great end product.  

Garage Air Tool Kits

The ready-to-use Garage Air Tool kit and interior equipment from KOVET can meet your needs in a complete range of applications.  The tool kit includes tire air gun, paint spray gun, air blow gun, nylon air hose and engine cleaning oil all from the Kovet brand.  This bundle is suitable for professionals and DIY people alike, just pick and and go, easy to use straight out the box.  

Grease Gun

The KOVET grease gun has a special barrel design.  It is made from premium materials keeping that makes it efficient and allows for great lubrication results.  The gun can hold up to 400cc of grease and comes with a hose that can get into the smallest gaps.  Popular among the Agricultural industry as well as those working with industrial equipment, the Kovet Grease Gun is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal.  

Air Duster Gun

Kovet's Air Duster Gun is engineered from high quality materials that meets international standards, with various designs avaliable, suitable for all users and flexible to use and designed for comfort and grip.  It's greatest qualities lie in its efficient blowing of air, durability, easy to use, ideal for the cleaning of parts and surfaces.  The uses of the Air Duster Gun are limitless and include cleaning of tight areas, difficult to reach areas and many other surfaces.  Lightweight and compact, it can be carried and stored easily making it suitable for cleaning cars, in factories, home or anywhere with dust.  A favorite for metal workers, garages, workshops, car mechanics, builders, spray painters and DIY.

Tire Inflating Gun

Made from high quality aluminium with a gauge covered with rubber, the Kovet Tyre Inflating Gun is highly durable and high quality.  It has a 40 centimeter airflow with a gun grip for comfort, wheel clamp fitting for ease of use.  Suitable for use in garages and gas stations.


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