Top welding performance for light industrial.

IGBT technology, the core adopts advanced IGBT inverter device.

Infinite Voltage Control with optimized starting performance.

Inductance Control for arc stability and spatter control.

Digital Meters – Voltage and Amperage: Preview and Hold capability.

Quick Change Polarity – Simple quick polarity change (no tools required) from the front of the power source.

Thermal overload protection helps prevent machine damage.

Energy Saving, more efficient compared with the traditional machine.

Inverter DC MIG (Stick) Welding Machine KOVET – MIG200CT

  • Product Code WM04-MIG200CT
    Rate Primary Voltage  AC220V (1 phase), ±15%, 50/60Hz
    Rate Primary Input (KVA) MIG:8, MMA:7
    Output Current Range (A) MIG:40-200, MMA:20-160
    Output Voltage (V) MIG:16-24, MMA:20.8-26.4
    Rate duty cycle (10min) (%) MIG:25, MMA:30
    Max No-Load Voltage / OCV (V) 59
    No-Load Loss (W) 120
    Type Of Wire Feeder External Compact
    Wire feed speed (m/min) 3-13
    Post flow time (s) 1±0.5
    Wire wheel diameter (mm) 300
    Wire diameter (mm) 0.8 – 1.0
    Welding thickness (mm) >0.8
    Efficiency (%) 80
    Power Factor 0.73
    Insulation grade F
    Housing protection grade IP21
    Weight (kg) 14
    Diimension (LxWxH)(mm) 467 x 203 x 476
  • This product is supplied with a full accessory kit:

    • MIG15 torch + cable
    • Electrode holder + cable
    • Earth clamp + cable
    • CO2 regulator

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