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ALIBABA | Flap Disc (soft back)

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Flap Disc (soft back)

  • Sharp, resists fast. The grinding wheel is firmly fixed with a special adhesive. So there is no
    problem with broken fabric, glue off and has a long service life.
  • Used in steel grinding, polishing rust, removing iron welds,
    deburring, sharpening, smoothing,
    polishing, cleaning and polishing surfaces.
  • Used for grinding and grinding in corners, curved surfaces and small areas.
    Hard to reach
    parts Because the double leaves of sand are soft
  • Suitable for polishing metal, stainless steel including
    woodworking furniture.
ALIBABA | Flap Disc (soft back)
ALIBABA | Flap Disc (soft back) ALIBABA | Flap Disc (soft back)
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Package (cans/box) 10 แผ่น/กล่อง , 100 แผ่น/ลัง
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