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Cutting Torch LPG/AC ALIBABA #62-3(F) / 62-3A

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  • 62-3F and 62-3A Alibaba Cutting Torches are designed for heavy duty cutting.  The cutting thickness is up to 300 mm for steel and the cutting torch has a 90 degree cutting angle.
  • The safe design incorporates the forged brass body with triangular stainless steel tubes for optimum strength.
  • The push type needle valve provides a precise gas flow control for a flame adjustment.
  • The European style grove handle allows a firm grip of the cutting torch.
  • Warning release any gas after every usage
Cutting Torch LPG/AC ALIBABA #62-3(F) / 62-3A
Cutting Torch LPG/AC ALIBABA #62-3(F) / 62-3A Cutting Torch LPG/AC ALIBABA #62-3(F) / 62-3A
More Information
Grooves / Cutting Angle 90°
size (mm) 460
Packing (pcs/ctn) 5 ,10
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