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Grinding Disc (for metal) KOVET ABA01

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  • This series of grinding disc is designed with an up-to-standard
    sized hole which makes it able to use with any version of grinding machine.
  • It has the ability of grinding metals such as cast iron, stainless steel and pipe.
    The main body of the grinding disc is made of brown aluminum oxide with concerned quality.
  • It is sharp and can be used to do neat piece-work.
  • The disc won't shake when working with other equipment,
    mainly the cut off saw that is high qualities. 
  • It can be used continuously, especially 4" x 2 mm grinding
    disc that is made from white aluminum oxide.
  • White aluminum oxide has the property of grinding both
    common mild steel and stainless steel. 
Grinding Disc (for metal) KOVET ABA01
Grinding Disc (for metal) KOVET ABA01 Grinding Disc (for metal) KOVET ABA01
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