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Portable Cutting Machine #KV-12

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  • All functions controlled by Forward / Off / Reverse switch, clutch lever and speed adjustment knob.
  • Versatility and convert ability inherent in the design ensure all types of straight line, circle, and level cutting are simply performed.
  • The drive unit employing the single cone system (mechanical step less variation device) assures constantly stable machine travel.
  • Plate track for straight-line cutting is available in interlocking sections of 1,800 mm (70”) each which may be extended indefinitely.
  • An adjustable radius bar for circle cutting is optionally available.
  • The torch holder makes the bevel cutting of the lower edge possible, and the torch up /down unit is easy to handle and durable.
  • Light in weights (10 kg) for handling and transportation.
Portable Cutting Machine #KV-12
Portable Cutting Machine #KV-12
More Information
Brands KOVET
Input Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50
Material thickness (mm) 5-30
Cutting Speed (mm/min) 150-800
Motor (rpm) 1500
Diameter of circle cutting (mm) 200
Grooves / Cutting Angle I, Y, V45°
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 350 x 140 x 157
Weight (kg) 10
Brand Description
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