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Grinding, Cutting and Lathe Materials

Cutting Disc
Hacksaw Blades
Cemented Carbide
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Waterproof abrasive paper
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Sanding Belt
Grinding Disc
Grinding Wheel
Flap disc

Goodwill Machine supplies welding equipment in Thailand


Goodwill Machine has been supplying superior welding equipment in Thailand to welders in the mining, shipbuilding, building construction, engineering and automotive industries for more than 33 years. We offer pressure regulators, welding/ cutting torches, heating torches, oxygen & fuel gas cylinders under the brand of KOVET and Alibaba. 
Through our sales and marketing teams, we successfully expanded our product lines and our territory to include neighboring countries as Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam, along with other countries around the world. 

Please browse through our wide range of welding and cutting equipment in Thailand below.

Cutting disc

Kovet offers a wide variety range of cutting discs that are suitable for multiple applications.  From 4" to 16", they have been engineered to prevent vibrations with many grinders and are able to perform excellent cutting performance. 


Flap wheel

Flap wheels are used for metal fabrication work and welding end polishing, as they allow for grinding and polishing of difficult shapes and contours of your design, especially deep holes.  A continuous series of individual flaps work to provide a uniform finish as the flaps wear away to expose fresh abrasive.  Kovet Flap wheels can remove paint and sand, grind, level, and strip surfaces and makes quick work of it.  Sharp grinding, strong grinding power, solid and durability, long life, high tensile strength cloth, high efficiency.

Grinding disc

Kovet offers grinding discs from 4" to 6", and they are suitable for grinding steel, mild steel and other various metals.  They are able to endure long periods of grinding as they are made from high quality aluminum oxide to ensure durability of the discs.  The grain concentration allows for aggressive grinding action and smooth running of the wheel.  Designed to prevent vibrations and oscillations with many grinding wheels

Hacksaw Blades

The Hacksaw blades Kovet supplies are durable 300mm blades that are not easily broken, with maximum cutting performance.  The sharpness of the teeth allow for easy cutting of any steel.  Avaliable in different teeth sizes from 6 teeth per 1 inch to 24 teeth per 1 inch.

Falcon Brush

Falcon Wire Brushes are multi purpose brushes designed for removing dust, corrosion, pain and primer on any surface.  They are best used with bench machines, angle grinders and pneumatic grinders with threaded bores.

Grinding Wheel

The Grinding Wheels that Kovet provide act as abrasive cutting tools.  The abrasive nature of the surface act in the same way as the teeth in a saw.  Made from high performance aluminum oxide grain or Green Silicon Carbide, Kovet's Grinding Wheels have a  long life and high material removal function.  

Mounted Grinding Wheels

There are 2 sizes for Kovet Mounted Grinding Wheels, they come in 6.0mm and 3.0mm core sizes.  They are suitable for basic decoration work and also precision work.  The mounted grinding wheels are made from either aluminum oxide grain or Green Silicon Carbide depending on the needs of the users.  

Flap discs

Kovet Flap discs are designed for grinding, blending, sanding and finishing on a wide range of material using angle grinders.  Available with both after-hardening type for smooth surface finishing. And soft back for polishing into nooks / corners.  Bevel wheel has built in angle for greater contact on work surface.  Great durability leads to great value.  


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