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Welding & Brazing Chemicals

Brazing Flux
Anti Spatter Agent and Spray
Pickling Gel
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Aerosol Color Check
Nozzle Dip Gel
Multi-purpose spray

Goodwill Machine offers Welding Anti-Spatter Chemicals in Thailand  


Chemicals such as welding anti-spatter and brazing flux are used during the welding process to ensure a high-quality and lasting job. In our efforts to be your one-stop shop for all your welding needs, we offer these brazing flux, pickling gel, nozzle dip gel, aerosol color check, multi-purpose spray as well as welding anti-spatter chemicals in Thailand under the brand of KOVET.

Welding Anti-spatter Chemicals in Thailand

A welding anti-spatter solution reduces the welding spatter significantly and prevents the small pellets from sticking to your welding table and work piece during the process.

The anti-spatter chemical generally contains silicone or other petroleum-based or water-based solvent that contains anti-stick properties. The solution is generally diluted with water and sprayed or brushed on the area that needs protection from welding spatter. Welding needs to be performed before the anti-spatter solution has dried.

We also offer a user-friendly anti-spatter spray, Distac which is silicone free (does not interfere with post-weld coating) and bio-degradable. This product is made in Italy.

Brazing Flux


Brazing flux is used for brazing to ensure that metal used to fill a joint adheres to both sides of the joint. The flux has a lower melting point than the brazing rod. It fills the joint and, in turn, is displaced by the molten filler metal as it enters the joint.

Goodwill Machine offers three types of brazing flux; KOVET Silver Brazing Flux, KOVET General Purpose Brazing Flux, and KOVET Aluminum Flux Powder KV-508.

The Aluminum Flux Powder KV-508 is used exclusively for brazing aluminum. It protects the aluminum that is molten from oxidation and absorption of atmospheric hydrogen.

Pickling Gel


KOVET Pickling gel is used to clean the surface of stainless steel before a weld takes place. The pickling gel removes any oxides and cleans the surface down to the bare metal, ensuring a better weld. It is also used to remove the black oxide marks after welding and leave the metal clean and shiny.

Nozzle Dip Gel


Our KOVET Nozzle dip gel is used in MIG welders to prevent the build-up of spatter. It acts as a lubricant to protect the sensitive nozzle of a torch from the effects of splatter. The nozzle is generally dipped directly into the solution as required.

Aerosol Color Check


We offer these color check aerosols to test the surface-breaking defects before and after a welding job is performed. They come in sets of three – cleaner, penetrant and developer. The metal is initially cleaned by the cleaner, the penetrant is then applied, and a suitable amount of time is given to let the dye penetrate the metal surface. The surface is then cleaned and a developer is applied to show hairline cracks and other defects which becomes readily apparent to the naked eye. Our aerosols are made in Italy, easy to use and suitable for all types of welding.

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